Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jalali GCal 3.0 & Greasefire

Jalali GCal has a major update, version 3.0.
  • It's updated to recent changes by Google on the Calendars's HTML code;
  • now uses jQuery for some operations, which makes it somehow faster now and later updates will be easier as well;
Get the new English and Persian edition from the Google Code download page. If you cannot access Google Code, or have problems with Persian text, please try the mirror; English and Persian.

OTOH I found this handy Firefox/Greasemonkey extension named Greasefire, which lists all available user-scripts (from for current site in just one click, and you can install them rightaway!

The exciting news is that Jalali GCal has the 6th place in the list of scripts for Google Calendar in Greasefire (actually!


  1. مرسی از کار با ارزشی که انجام دادی. قبلاً یه اسکریپت برای تقویم گوگل نوشته بودم که بعد با تغییر الگوی تقویم گوگل این اسکریپت دچار اشکال شده بود و کار نمی کرد.

    ضمناً ما هم مدرسه ای هم هستیم

  2. Hi

    It is very useful but it has some bugs:
    go to the day : 1st jan 2010 it shows 12th Dey and the next day is 11th Dey.
    There are some other days like 9th Azar 1388 and ... with errors.

  3. thanks for the great script, but i cannot set it in new Mozilla Firefox 4 !?