Friday, September 19, 2008

Jalali GCal moved to Google Code

Finally I created a project for Jalali GCal in Here are the Installation Guide and the downloads list.

Thanks to Mehdi Ahmadizadeh, the new versions work fine with current Google Calendar UI. Also some ideas from Shayan have been implemented.

Here are latest features (for version 2.4):
  • The userscript is now available in two editions: English and Persian. Using Persian edition gives you Persian numbers and months' names;
  • The font of Persian texts in Persian version is bigger than the default texts;
  • The name of the Jalali month is shown in the first day of the month (in the table).
Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to report enhancement requests, bugs, and issues.


  1. thanks man...great stuff! what you guys are doing is kinda equivalent to what Ferdowsi did thousand years ago...RESPECT!

    hey, quick question, what's up with "RiRa" these days?

  2. Great. I really have a hard time with Google Code servers; they block my access (from Iran). If you know a workaround, please let me know.

  3. Jalali Calender is not working, the Persian version seems to use an encoding which is not utf-8. The English version shows wrong dates and NaN. Hope you will fix it.

  4. Dear Anonymous, please try the latest version, and also download the Persian editions from, where the default encoding of the server is UTF-8.

    Currently there's no way I can tell GreaseMonkey about the encoding of the script in the file itself.

    Thanks all. :)

  5. Great. Thanks. :)

  6. I installed it again form the link you provided. There seems to be still some problem. In the week view, it does not show the correct dates although the dates for the start and the end of the week is correct on the top. The same in other views, e.g., in day view for "۲۳ اردی‌بهشت ۱۳۸۸", it is correct on the top but shows "Wednesday 13/5 — ۱۰/۱۵".