Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gmail Wish

Wish Gears had GPG integrity so Gmail could sign and encrypt emails via the web UI...


  1. ... and Google owns everyone's private keys in addition to their medical profile, location (through its new service), interests, etc.

  2. Gears is a client-side technology, so no, Google won't necessary have everyones private keys.

  3. I'll believe you if I onl use a build of Google Gears made by myself from source code having inspected it thoroughly ;)

    Anyway see this:

    ... and beware of the big bro!

  4. Of course you have the right to be suspicious and not use it.

    But the big picture is that web applications SHOULD be able to sign, encrypt, decrypt, etc using your GPG key. That's what missing the web platform!

  5. This is what you want:

    But also check these:

  6. Thanks dear Anon. I'm using FireGPG as the generic solution and it almost works fine. But the main problem here is that the gpg-to-web-application is not up to the website owner, but to the extension developer.