Sunday, December 05, 2004

Selected Splash Images

Thanks to friends, I've worked more on images and these are three I wanna submit to the contest.




Saturday, December 04, 2004

GIMP 2.2 Splash Contest

/.: "The GIMP 2.2 Splash Contest is now officially open! Competition entries should be attached to the wiki before midnight next Sunday. Submit your work and get the glory (there may be a small prize sponsored, too)."

Reading the news, I decided to participate in GIMP 2.2 Splash Contest. I have made ready some images and you should help me in select the best one, two or three for the lovely GIMP.

All the photos are taken with (Behdad's) Minolta DiMAGE by myself. ;)

1 - 2
3 - 4
5 - 6
7 - 8
9 - 10
11 - 12
13 - 14
15 - 16
17 - 18
19 - 20

Help me... write down your favourites!

Thursday, November 18, 2004


We had a little MozParty named CyberParty today. We talked about the ways we can spread Firefox around. Here are two photos.

It's me and Soheil, board member of Cyber-Mehr Hi-Tech, Inc. and manager of FarsiLinux' Mozilla Project.

And it's me and Sina, a cool and open minded guy.

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Beginning

Zero-Width Non-Joiner is a formating Unicode Character (U+200C ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER) with alias name ZWNJ. It's useful and necessary in writing Persian and some other languages.

Translation of "zero-width non-joiner" to Persian is "فاصله‌ی مجازی", that also means "virtual space". I love it!