Monday, October 15, 2007

Internationalized Top-Level Domains

After about a week that eleven Int'lized TLDs had been in root servers, yesterday ICANN officially announced them, the localized IDNwiki pages are open to the world. Here are the Persian one. Go ahead and test your softwares. Firefox has them in the IDN whitelist in the trunk, and will have them in an update for Firefox 2.0 soon. Unfortunately they started using pe as the two-letter code for Persian, which is not a standard, and know it's changed to per. I hope they fix it soon, and use just fa.

This is a big step forward to have dot-iran (.ایران) TLD in the root servers, which has currently more than two thousand registered domains. In fact supporting fully int'lized domain names was one of the major reasons of developing the new IRNIC domain registration system, which has been up since early September. Come on! Register a future dot-iran domain now!