Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jalali GCal, Version 1.2

Here are an update for Jalali GCal (old: Jalali Calendar for Google Calendar). Installing the new one will replace the previous version. Also I changed its description to Jalali calendar for the web interface of Google Calendar. All features work well on Firefox 1.5 on my Linux desktop. Bug reports are welcomed.

Update: Jalali GCal moved to Google Code


  1. Thanx for this useful calendar.
    As a bug, in google calendar only in week view "NaN" is shown instead of a jalali date! however in other views it works well.
    My system: Firefox 2.0, windows XP

    Good Luck Friend

  2. Thanks for the note. Gmail has had some changes recently, which makes another update necessary to get all these work again.