Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jalali Calendar for Google Calendar

A couple weeks ago, I wrote the Jalali GCal user script (a JavaScript that Firefox runs on the web page if you have GreaseMonkey extension installed) to add Jalali Calendar (A.K.A. Iranian Calendar) to Google Calendar application.

As you can see in the screenshot, it adds Jalali year, month, and month days beside the Gregorian ones. (which makes it really useful for me! ;) This version (v1.1) supports all views: Day, Week, Month, Next 4 Days, and Agenda!

To use it, you should install GreaseMonkey (for Firefox 1.5), then open Jalali GCal user script and install it. Now refresh Google Calendar page.

Of course it's under LGPL license. I hope you like it.

Update: Jalali GCal moved to Google Code


  1. Sarfarz bashi javan.
    Aya rahehali baraye dashtan taghvim farsi dar OUTLOOK dari?
    Shad & Salamt bash.


  2. Hello, and thanks for the great job. But it did not work for me:
    FireFox on Ubuntu 6.06

  3. Great job man, thanks;

  4. Can you update it for Firefox 2.x, please ?

  5. It works on Firefox 2. Just install the latest version of Greasemonkey and use the latest Jalali Calendar user-script. You can always get the latest version from page, Jalali GCal.

  6. I confirm it. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi,should it work with Firefox 3.0 and Greasemonkey 0.8.20080609.0 ?
    well it did not for me
    best wishes

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  9. Hi dear Behnam
    I think the script has a bug in 1387 shahrivar in month tab ,it says --->'Dey 1386 - Farvardin NaN '
    Maybe because the leap year

  10. salAm Mr. Esfahbod,
    Great job indeed. Could you also:

    1- make the date fonts show in Farsi and bigger than the Gregorian calendar fonts?
    2- Mention the name of each Iranian month on the 1st day of that month?
    3- [I know Google should do this] provide the option of choosing the beginning of the week (Shanbeh) and weekends (5Shanbeh, Jom'eh); and in the month-view can choose to see the whole Iranian month?

    Many thanks.

  11. Papakan, Taghvime outlook man jalali multi pack ro estefadeh mikonam va behetoon pishnahad mikonam, to in site gereftam

  12. Great job. Very useful.
    I used the second link in your post above (from page) and it worked (I guess because it supports https:). I have Firefox 3.6 on Redhat5.

  13. Nice job....If you wrote title in persian alphabet, that's really unique.

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