Friday, March 03, 2006

Intellectual Property in Iran

Center for Technology Studies (SUT) held a workshop on intellectual property at Graduate School of Management and Economics (SUT). Kamran Bagheri, from Iran's Research Institute Of Petroleum Industry, lectured on the Intellectual Property Acts in US, EU and Iran. Here are some interesting news!

The Intellectual Property Act of Iran is under revision! It has been approved in the first vote in Parliament (Majlis), and in about seven months, it will be a law. Some effects of this act (as Mr. Bagheri told) will be increase in registration prices (i.e. you can get a patent for $30~40 by now) and international interest on copyright and patent registeration in Iran.

Update: Current amount of registered patents per year is about five thousands, that may increase up to fifty thousands with the new act.

I'm trying to get more information and will post here as soon as possible.


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  2. Salam Behnam, how do u do? I was in that workshop, and I'm looking for more information about IP protection in Iran. Googling "Intellectual Property in Iran" I came back to your blog. Would you please tell me some more info about that?

    Thanks anyway,